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  2 - Concepts
   inEx Help (F1)
   Undo / Redo
   Edit Recorder
   The inEx-File
   File Items
   Search Functions
   Label Concepts
   Data Exchange
   Download Function
   TLS (SSL)
   HTML Exports
   Another Functions
   Additional Tools

  3 - Standard GUI
   Status Bar
   Selection Logic
   Search Feed
   Element Search
   Search Results

  4 - padWin GUI
   Selection Logic
   padWin menu
   MP3 Archive
   virtual DIR-Lists

  5 - File Support
   File Items
   File or Folder open
   File Rename / Del
   File Move / Copy
   MP3 File Support
   MP3 Play Lists
   Download Function
   Text File Support
   Image File Support
   Sitemap Function
   virtual DIR-Lists
   inEx Database
   inEx Files
   inEx Folder

  6 - HTML Exports
   Easy and Flexible
   treePage (easy)
   Options Dialog
   pageFab (universal)
   Fab Function
   Layout + Content
   Fab Clichés
   Fab Macros
   Fab Process
   Fab Composition
   Fab Objects
   Multi Page Fab
   Blog Fab

  7 - Various
   Report Lists
   hotNotes memo
   Value Functions
   Image Windows
   Image Collections
   SaveAs imageShow
   Image Shows
   Show Directories
   Show Dialog
   Vocabulary Trainer

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  (1) Overview   -   (2) Concepts   -   (3) Standard GUI   -   (4) padWin GUI
(5) File Support   -   (6) HTML Exports   -   (7) Various
(8) Freeware Edition / (Licence Edition)
Program Version: 1.07.3 of 18. June 2017


surfing information
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inEx information explorer

ABSTRACT: Due to the historical development of the computer technology, the operating systems are still filemanager (DOS, Disk-Operation-System) with applied functions as the GUI, functions for the InterNet (Browser) and more. For conventional applications they keep perfect. But by the InterNet, in practice the focus shifted for many. The base here are no longer files (program and application files) but information (*).

So far, an Information-Manager had been missed, which is optimized for the organisation of information, and also with an integrated file-management as a part of the "Information Space", but which playing here only a minor role in overall terms. With "information" as central objects, as result by the self-organisation of the (written) language, there are a set of basics, which every user already known naturally. Due to this concept, the program is available so far only for the space of Latin fonts.

The program renounces the use of programmatic preset structures. This means, the user have the complete freedom to create own structures for not in advance excluded cases. It's not a program for limited special solutions, but offers a new medium to create solutions by the user's own ideas for his at a time specific project. It offers an opportunity to integrate all available ressources and contains various tools for a functional expansion of this medium (File-Management, Feed-Reader, HTML-Export, MP3-Support, Key-Management, and more). It is based on a simple and therefor powerfull concept, and is an easy to understand basic tool for everyone. The first free-ware program release (1.0) was published in spring of 2015.

*) Data vs Information: Data are meaningless; information are composed data (by interpretation, order, relation)


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Latest News


#inEx #program #update #inexHelpF1

.17.0618 - Version 1.07.3 inEx information-explorers

•  inexHelp (F1)^, fixed: Index-keyPages, which are not addressed directly by main pages, are not downloaded

Details see: inEx-Update - Last Changes [...].

If you have already an installed inEx-Version, please de-install this first (see: Windows Online Help [^^]).

#inEx #program #update #itemInfo #Vocabularytrainer

.17.0612 - Version 1.07.2 inEx information-explorer

•  Panel "files" at itemInfo^ got new a filter by file extensions

Two more details are fixed (vocabulary trainer and status bar). Details see: inEx-Update - Last Changes [...].

If you have already an installed inEx-Version, please de-install this first (see: Windows Online Help [^^]).

#inEx #program #update #colorPecker #masterKey++ #VocabularyTrainer

.17.0604 - Version 1.07.1 inEx information-explorer

•  By the last enhancement of the colorPecker^'s colorSample (two additional color-formats) a mistake crept in for the case, when the colorSample should be saved as file too.

•  The masterKey^ "++" ("++++") is used quite frequently, so, to have a quick access with the mouse too, a new speedButton has been added to the button bar.

•  Vocabulary Trainer^: for the write-test, if the results should be noticed (auto-mode), the numbers for Error / OK / All are now included.

More details about the last changes see: inEx-Update - Last Changes [...].

If you have already an installed inEx-Version, please de-install this first (see: Windows Online Help [^^]).

More news see download page[...]

.17.0618 updated ("Last News")


Homepage Hint


#introduction #manual #demoVideos

This first page offers an overview and all you need to start with the inEx-explorer. The homepage is extensive because it shall be the program manual also.

If you have seen the Demo-Videos^ and have read this page, you might work with the inEx-explorer immediately very well. If you want, on the second page (Concepts) you will find a more detailed description with links to the manual sections.

Editorial note: the homepage is still being processed by a design change. Not all articles available yet again. Stay informed by the RSS-Feed (see above). The English reader: excuse please the time being not perfect English (first pre-translation).

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#userInterface #screenShots #standardGUI #padWinGUI #data2HTMLPage


The inEx-explorer has two program windows (GUI's). The Standard GUI^ offers all processing possibilities by the treeView (left-hand side).

Image: Downright: Text- or image-display^ for image files or editor for plain-text-files (.txt) (optional .m3u, .xml and .htm, see menu settings)

Image: Left-hand side: Pop-up iconBar^ to pick an item icon


The padWindow GUI^ ('padWin') is a second parallel program window. It is more comfortable for using / viewing data, but without editing possibilities and without the overview like the standard-window. It has the three modes list-, icon- and image-view (listPad^, icoPad^, picPad^). The imageBar^ (bottom) shows a image-items pre-view from the actual list. The historyBar^ (on top) shows previous displayed items for possible re-selections.

The image-mode offers some functions to make image-extracts, image-size or image-ratio^ variations. The padWin contains a timer-function for image-shows. By settings, color and others can made user-specific.

Image: The padWin^ as second user interface (without editing possibiliy)


If wanted, parts of the data can be converted as HTML-brower-pages^ by only 'one button push'. Either by the treePage^ function in a simple variant or for open designs by the pageFab^.

sample treepage ix-blog

Image: HTML-export by the treePage-function, clipping from the experimental inex-Blog^ .

Image: HTML-export by the pageFab, clips of two examples,^^ and these inEx-Homepage here.

.14.1023 pre-translated ("Screenshots")


Demo Videos


#inEx #demoVideos #principles #functions #applications

The following short demo-videos shows basic processing possibilities and a few of the diversity of uses. If You have seen the videos, You should know all basic edit ways without any more studies.

1)  inEx + InterNet Browser (4:59)
Insertion of 'space-lines' and txNote-items, change the item-icon, Drag&Drop the browser-adress, download the browser-page, call a browser-page, delete a file, create an item-link, up-link display at the listView

2)  inEx + Files (0:00)
create a file (paste), defaultDir (paste+download), text- + image-file preview, file-name, file-header, integrate files, file move + copy + link, targetBox, deleting files, seach a file, backupCopy, deleted files

3)  inEx + MP3 Files (7:11)
single MP3 import and artist tree option, multiple Import, edit MP3 tags, tags mask, simplified file start (also with links), MP3-links (rank and play lists), MP3 and padWin, listView and listView-header use, edit and cliché-uses

4)  Search, View, Move (0:00)
5)  Cloning, unDo/reDo, Course (History), ... (0:00)
6)  Various Functions + Tools (0:00)

.15.0226 pre-updated ("Demo Videos")


A First View


#inEx #abstract #freewareProgram #informationManagement #projectManagement #knowledgeDatabase #mediaManagement #interNetManagement #fileManagement #backupFunction #data2HTMLPage #phoneCall #tillFunction

- Information Works
- Simple and Powerful Concept
- The Program Window
- Organisation Possibilities
- Files and File Management
- MP3 Files
- Text and Image Files
- InterNet-Browser and Feeds
- Compiling InterNet-Pages by one Button-Push
- More Useful Functions

•  Information Works

The inEx-explorer (information-explorer) is a basic and general use tool for all kind of information and project management. From a simple and comfortable use like a notebook, up to the organization, realization and documentation nevertheless complex projects - You'll find unlimited ways to do as You want by your own wise. The new kind of flexibility allows solutions unlimited by programmers designs. It offers a diversity of simplifications and new possibilities, which can not described in a short manner. So, give it a try. Particular attention was laid also for maximun easy and user-friendly interfaces. Demo-videos^ showing its application for a quick start.

The inEx-explorer is a freeware program for non-commercial use (Commune Edition), first 1.0 released at spring 2015. The Professional Edition contains a few expanded functions, useful for power-user and commercial use, and may be available in the future.

•  Simple and Powerful Concept

By the simple, basic uniform concept of the items^ and item-links^, the handling will be rapidly familiar. Collecting and editing items, contents and files^ will be realised most simple and fast by using cloning^, drag&drop^ (DnD) or copy&paste (CnP) and pasteAsFile^ (text or images, ready by "one click").

An inEx-file (database^) is a single file. It offers space for lot of hundred thousands items. It's also useable from USB-drives. It can converted to a text-file or can created by such one. A database or parts of it can exchanged with other inEx-users, and inserted into other inEx-databases, by eMail, InterNet or file-copies (inEx-tree-file^), - or local between inEx-databases by Copy&Paste.

•  The Program Window

The three essential parts of the program window are the tree^ (left), the list^ (right) and the list-header^ (above the list). These give an overview all the time and the possibility to pass easily^ through the whole information stock.

Items of the item-type masterKey^ ('++') allow by search (e.g. '++++', '+++x', '++##' etc.) an instant quick jump to your main work positions.

You start a search^ easily just by typing the wanted chars. The element-search^ allows the selection of one or several elements of the selected item for a search. A search can directed to an InterNet search machine by Shift+Ctrl+F/F3 or right click Search-Button (see main menu Settings/ Search Engine).

Drag and Drop (DnD) is possible into the tree, also into the search box, which starts a search automatical. To register (or select) a folder at the targetBox, DnD a folder (or file) into it. DnD-out is possible form the tree or list. DnD a file item to the file-manager or desktop (with Ctrl) makes a file-copy, or to the window title bar of a suitable program starts the file (without Ctrl).

An episodes buildung history function^ allows step back or forward to previous selected or worked positions. This is most practical by mouse gesture RMouseMove horizontal (available form version 1.06 on).

An alternate representation offers the padWin^, more comfortable for mainly consuming use, but also for image editing, overview and representation.

•  Organisation Possibilities

Organisation possibilities are basically on one hand the item contents (item text and sub-items (childs)) itself, and on other hand the item-icons^. By the iconBar^, the icons are free selectable, and except the few functional icons, its meaning depends only by the users interpretation. And of course the linking^ to connect different places together.

An item-leading date-stamp may also an important element in many cases (dayStamp^ = Ctrl+D). Its special format (.yy.mmdd) allows purposeful searches by the sign exactly search function.

Most important in connection with the search is the labeling^ (keys / TAGs / marks). By labels the search results rapid and easy to the targets. But also relevant is the assembly of 'virtual' lists by the search results. A lot of spaced special items will be collected by the labels without any additional works. In many cases, this will spared special 'hard edited' list. What a label is, will decided only by the user itself through the use of principally unique words / sign combinations (e.g. 'abc::', 'h##', ...).

Using keys / TAGs / marks is supported by the Cliché-Function^ for item-edits (local edit menu) or by the Item-Element-Search^ (Ctrl-Q) for parts of the selected item (treeView, listView and search-input).

•  Files and File Management

The file-items^ are a special kind of items, part of the few functional items (see: icons^). By the associated functions you are able to realize the most of the file management jobs in an easy and fast way (file open, program start, open directory, rename file, delete file, and in combination with the targetBox^ move or copy file).

A part of the file-managemet functions is backupCopy^. It realize an optimized and fast backup of the selected targetBox directory-tree by copying only new or updated files. Several options can specify the operations.

•  MP3 Files

One main focus of the file-functions are functions around the MP3-files^. By DnD a single MP3-file into the tree, there is an option to create a library-tree^ around the new file-item by the MP3-tags inside the file. The same function is available by the targetBox^-menu for already inserted files.

The MP3-tags can be edited by editing the file-header^ and then the MP3-Tags^-function, which writes back the tags into the file. This function offers also the option to create at clipboard a formated file-name as defined in a special format-file. Furthermore the useful function to create / update MP3-PlayLists^.

•  Text and Image Files

Text or image files can be created by pasteAsFile^ directly from the clipboard. Filenames are generated automatical.

Referenced text files^ (flat text) will be displayed by call in the internal editor-window^. Image files^ will be displayed in the internal imageView^, and can be set as desktop wallpaper^ or displayed as imageWindows^. Several imageWindows may be saved and recalled as imageList^. These image collections can run as imageShow^ and be saved as savedImageShow^.

•  InterNet-Browser and Feeds

By interNet items^ the adress can be called by your InterNet browser or the content can be downloaded by the inEx-explorer. By feed items^ RSS-feeds can be called by the inEx-explorer and noted as items.

•  Compiling InterNet-Pages by one Button-Push

One other main focus is the compiling of the data to local or online useable browser pages^ (HTML). By the treePage^ function, the current tree-content will be compiled as a HTML-page by one button-push. With the optionBoard^ the kind of representation can be varies in many different ways.

More possibilities offers the pageFab^ function (Professional Edition only). With it, content can be integrated into free configured designs (example: these pages of the inEx-explorer homepage or the^^).

•  More Useful Functions

Further functions: Till-Function^, Value-Function^, phoneCall^, workShop^, Report-Lists^, colorPecker^ and Vocabulary-Trainer^.

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  (1) Overview   -   (2) Concepts   -   (3) Standard GUI   -   (4) padWin GUI
(5) File Support   -   (6) HTML Exports   -   (7) Various
(8) Freeware Edition / (Licence Edition)
Program Version: 1.07.3 of 18. June 2017


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